What’s next? What are you doing? 

This drive for success is embedded in me. I don’t know if it’s because of my upbringing or because I was genetically born this way but it’s there. Success doesn’t come easy obviously, but what are we doing to make sure we are successful. 

Each day we are given a chance to be and do better then yesterday. I always ask myself what can I do differently today that I didn’t do yesterday. This goes for relationships, work, finances, school, etc I mean we are constantly learning and growing, but what are we actually doing? 

We complain about life and where we think we should be, but never appreciate where we are now. I know I do, I set these arbitrary goals or rules that I have follow or meet for my life to be perfect. That’s the thing life isn’t perfect, and the road to success won’t be either. But how do we achieve it ? 

I think the best way to achieve success is we do something everyday to work towards are success. Read a book, watch a tutorial, gather information, whatever your drive is to be successful do it. 

I find myself sometimes thinking about my success, so I set up this rule that whatever I can do today to get closer then do it. 

Tomorrow isn’t promised, Yesterday is history, you can only live for today. 

Focus on today and take steps to get closer to your success. My question is what are you doing today ? 

Eddie M 


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