Month After Surgery 

It’s been a month since I had open heart surgery, and to be honest it’s hard to even think I had the surgery.  I wanted to share my experience leading to the surgery and the days following it. 

Before I had the surgery on May 15 my family came into town from Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia. My dad came as well and just been having him here meant the world to me. I’m very grateful for my family because without their love and support I don’t even know if I was going to make it through this. 

Dad & Mom and I! I have to say I have the best parents in the world. They’ve always protected me, guided me, and encouraged me, and they might couldn’t have protected me from this heart condition or this surgery, but they were there to help me and guide me through it. 

The night before surgery

The night before surgery, I could barely sleep. I kept pacing back and forth around the house wondering is this my last night being home or what if I didn’t make it. So many what-ifs played in my mind until a point came to when I just broke down in my room and cried until I couldn’t anymore. I cried out to God to ask him to heal me, to fix me, to allow me to live and have a second chance at life because I wasn’t ready to die. That night was the night I gave all my faith and every thing I believed in to God. This was the first time in my life that I let go and let God!! 

That same night my bestfriend from 7th grade came and stayed the night with me. I was happy she came because she was able to keep my mind off everything. Also we always have a good time with each other. 

Surgery Day (May 15th)

Waking up for surgery day my heart was racing, I felt like time was rushing me. Everything seem to be happening right in front of me and I couldn’t stop it. I was dressed, I was packed, and everything was ready to go. The car ride to the hospital my mom and I played Beyoncé and sung  all the way there. Once we arrived my sisters, niece, bestfriend, and Dad had already arrived. Walking to check-in I was nervous I was scared but I was always prepared for what was about to happen. 

Sitting their waiting was the worse because I laughed with my family and friends not thinking about the environment I was in until two nurses came out to call my name, I remember asking can my mom and dad come back with me. 

While in the back they went over everything that will be taking place, and how the procedure should go. Once I was gowned and signed all the paper work. The nurse allowed all my friends and family to come back. In total I had over 20 people with me until it was time. 

Before it was my time my aunt said a prayer that  was so powerful and encouraging that it put me more at ease. The nurse asked that a few people had to leave and only a few could stay. Well that time came and I had to go back to the operating room my heart sunk. 

Me and my big sister before they took me back!

Before they hauled me to the OR I was able to hug my mom and dad. Which I would say was the hardest thing to do. I mean it was just a hug right? No this hug was a hug of uncertainty not knowing if I would see my beautiful parents again. I told both my parents how much I loved them and that I was going to wake up. 

Heading to the back the anesthesiologist and another nurse talked to me keeping my mind off of everything. As I entered the OR I remember seeing a big light, and my surgeon with a bunch of nurses around. Right before I was put under I remember the nurse asking me what’s one thing I love in the whole world? I remember telling him my nieces and nephews. I told him my fear is that I won’t wake up to see them again. 

Long story short my surgery was a success! Granted the 6 weeks on bed rest hasn’t been fun, but I’ve learned to appreciate life so much more. I never want to take it for granted. 

My heart surgery didn’t conquer me, it didn’t stop me. I conquered my surgery I survived and beat open heart surgery. At 24 years old I asked God what’s next because I’m a warrior and I can take on anything. 

I want to thank all my family members, friends and even extended people who have reached out and prayed for me. I’m very grateful and thankful. 

– Eddie M


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